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Our New Website: Welcome!

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We are waiting for you, our dear visitors, to our new website. Our website, which has changed a lot structurally and is shining even more with its obvious visual change, is waiting to be discovered by you.

After months of meticulous work, the new design of our website has finally been completed. The focus of this new change is: an orderly structure and a modern design. All the information about our company, our services and, above all, marble machines can be accessed with just a few clicks and you can see the important details at first glance.

We aimed to reflect the successful development of Ekizoğlu Machine and the spirit that makes us who we are on our website.

In addition, you, our visitors, will be informed about marble machines, fairs and new developments in the sector by taking advantage of the comprehensive information content.

We hope that our work will be appreciated by you. We are interested in your feedback about our new website. Write an e-mail.

We are waiting for your feedback.

Ekizoglu Machine Team

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